Verblijfpark Ter Duinen

De Haan

Camping site Ter Duinen is conveniently located close to the beach and the sea. The beach can be reached through the lovely spruce wood of De Haan with its ample hiking opportunities. Our green and well kept grounds dispose of comfortable and well equipped tourist camping spaces. We offer excellent modern sanitation. For enthusiasts of a fixed annual space, our grounds offer spacious trailer slots with all modern facilities. Nearby our guests can enjoy a subtropical swimming pool with all amenities or you can strut around in the scenic centre of De Haan. Our camping site further disposes of a nice hall where internet is readily available.

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Verblijfpark Ter Duinen
Wenduinesteenweg 143 
B-8420 De Haan

West Flanders
The Belgian Coast

  +32 50 41 35 93
  +32 50 41 65 75