About is a web portal for the exclusive use of campsite owners who are members of the federation of recreation companies RECREAD vzw, a non-profit organization. This website presents campsites associated with RECREAD; you can look for the campsite of your choice using a number of selection criteria.

This web portal enables you to check campsite availability with some of the providers. You can then send a reservation request to the provider of your choice.

Agreements will only be valid following confirmation by the provider in question. The provider will provide information on general and cancellation conditions and (possible) costs for modifying or transferring of bookings, using the reservation invoice or booking confirmation.

RECREAD is not an authorized travel agent or tour operator, nor does RECREAD offer the rental of stands or lodgings listed on this website.

Should you have any issues with the providers listed on this website please contact RECREAD vzw.

Contact: Dirk Metsu