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The website is a portal site exclusively for camping sites affiliated with RECREAD vzw, the Federation of recreation companies. This website presents the camping sites affiliated with RECREAD and allows you to search on a number of selection criteria or themes.

You can also check availability at some providers, and accordingly send a request for reservation or booking directly to the provider of your choice.

An official agreement is only established after confirmation by the provider himself. The provider shall inform the traveler, through the booking invoice or the confirmation of reservation, about his general conditions and his cancellation policy, together with the (possible) costs for modification or transfer of booking.

RECREAD is not a licensed travel agency or tour operator, nor does it mediate in the rental of plots or accommodations offered on this website.

For complaints about providers listed on this website, please contact RECREAD vzw.

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Why only Belgian campsites in Flanders are listed?

Belgium is a federal country. The site was created by RECREAD, the Federation of recreation companies in Flanders. Therefore only the camping sites in Flanders affiliated with RECREAD are mentioned on this website.

What to do if I have a complaint about a campsite?

Toerisme Vlaanderen is the Agency of the Flemish Government that grants the ratifications and comfort ratings to campsites, hotels, B&B's, holiday cottages and other accommodations.

You can contact this agency concerning questions about the tourist accommodations legislation or for complaints about the design, the comfort, the hygiene or the safety of the accommodations.

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Is wild camping allowed?

Overnight stays along the public roads is not permitted in Belgium pursuant to the traffic code. Most Belgian municipalities have their own police regulations prohibiting wild camping on their territory. A number of municipalities have specific conditions, both in terms of 'parking' as 'spending the night', for example in campers.

In the Flemish part of the country wild camping is controlled by the cell 'Enforcement' of the Agency Toerisme Vlaanderen. This cell looks actively for accommodations that do not comply with the current tourist regulations. Where appropriate a report of the illegal exploitation is made and an administrative fine can be imposed.

All recreation companies presented on have a valid operating license granted by Toerisme Vlaanderen.

What is the difference between a 'campsite' and a 'camping park '?

In Flanders a number of denominations are expressly protected by the tourism legislation. These names are used on our website and by our providers.

Only companies that meet certain standards may use these protected names, namely:

The name 'camping' (campsite) indicates a camping site with a sufficient range of camping plots for short passers, campers and/or rental accommodations.

The name ‘verblijfpark’ (camping park) indicates camping sites where more emphasis is put on fixed camping customers who stay longer, for example in a fixed mobile home. Some camping parks also offer a number of camping plots, but not in a sufficient number to be allowed to use the protected name 'camping'.

A ‘kampeerautoterrein’ (camper area) is an area where only campers can reside.

A ‘vakantiepark’ (holiday park) is a camping site where the majority of the accommodations is rented out for short stays by the central management of the park. These parks may also have camping plots up to a maximum of 50% of the total offer.

What is a fixed plot?

For those who love the great outdoors, but also appreciate modern comfort, campsites and camping parks offer a unique camping formula: the 'fixed  plots'.

Such a fixed plot is a plot intended for customers who have their own comfortable fixed mobile home.

The terms and conditions under which your mobile home can stay on such a fixed plot is decided in consultation with the manager of the site.

Because the fee for such a fixed plot is usually paid only once a year, we also speak often of the concept of a 'year-plot'.

Can I sell my own mobile home on my fixed year-plot?

Basically your mobile home is your property and you may freely sell it. Eventually, you can rely on the manager of the site or a third party for the mediation of the sale. In that case, a mediation contract should be drawn up prior to the sale.

Please note that if you want to sell your mobile home while maintaining the plot on the camping site you will have to seek the express permission of the manager of the site. In such a sale, the rent of the plot is not automatically transferred to the new owner.

The camping owner has complete control over the redisposal of each pitch. Once your rental period is over, the manager can decide to use the pitch for other purposes or he can rent it to someone else.

A golden rule: it is always better for the seller and the buyer of a fixed plot to contact the manager of the camping site prior to the sale/purchase while maintaining the pitch.

Can I have my primary residence (domicile) on a campsite?

Under the Flemish legislation on land use and according to the tourist regulations it is not permitted to reside in your holiday accommodation and to use it as your primary residence or domicile.

You can therefore not establish a permanent residence in the areas determined as recreation zones by the Government.

If you do so, you will be subject to administrative fines by the municipality and/or the higher authority and also to the final withdrawal of your agreement for that plot by the camping manager.

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