Camping site Fort Bedmar is located in a rural border village at the border between the Netherlands and Belgium in a unique green and rural setting with beautiful forests and wide polder views. Our camping site is located at the former location of an old Spanish fort and today offers its 9 acres to well equipped touristic camp sites and neatly kept annual places for long-term campers with all modern amenities. Our grounds further have hiking cabins and luxurious trailers. Our fine open-air swimming pool with kids bath means guaranteed water fun for young and old. An extended animation programme provides fun and a delightful holiday feeling. If you enjoy fishing and angling, feel free to throw a line as our guest. Of course Fort Bedmar is also a dreamed starting location for beautiful cycling tours along scenic cycling routes.

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Camping Fort Bedmar

Fort Bedmarstraat 42 
B-9170 De Klinge

East Flanders